Understanding Research Motivations and Barriers: A Qualitative Study of Danish Sonographers

Karen Brage, Susanne Holm, Svea Deppe Mørup, Malene Roland V. Pedersen

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This study aimed to examine the factors influencing sonographers' involvement in research, focusing on both motivational elements and barriers. Our investigation was structured around three key research questions: a) What motivates sonographers to engage in research? b) What obstacles hinder their involvement? c) How can we enhance the participation of sonographers in research in Denmark?

Method or Background
In Denmark, sonographers, undergo thorough training and have a notable clinical presence. Understanding the factors behind their limited research engagement is crucial, given their deep investment in ultrasound technology. This study used an explorative inductive qualitative approach with focus group interviews for data collection. Content analysis was the primary methodology, and participants were purposively chosen from a Danish Sonographers network, requiring at least one year of experience in a public hospital's radiology department.

Results or Findings
The analysis resulted in three main themes, all of which described how the participants perceived their work as sonographers. The themes were 1) Professional loneliness, 2) Underrecognition and Marginalization, and 3) Empowerment through knowledge.

Fostering research involvement among sonographers requires addressing professional loneliness and underrecognition through simplified communication, supportive environments, and clear guidelines. Enhancing visibility and dissemination of ultrasound research, along with cultivating a research-friendly atmosphere, are crucial. Empowering sonographers involves integrating research into practice, improving technology, and committing to field advancement. Overcoming these challenges is key to enhancing sonographers' participation and elevating the quality of ultrasound practice.
The awareness of professional connections within the group might lead participants to self-censor or alter their responses, especially on potentially sensitive topics like professional loneliness or underrecognition.
Original languageEnglish
Publication date2024
Publication statusPublished - 2024
EventESR - European Society of Radiology - Vienna
Duration: 28 Feb 20243 Mar 2024


ConferenceESR - European Society of Radiology


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