ForsideAktiviteterResearch seminar ’Child, families and communities'


Research seminar ’Child, families and communities'

Aktivitet: Deltager i eller arrangør af en begivenhedKonference

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Ida Schwartz - Deltager

This research seminar is organized in relation to a special section of a forthcoming ‘International Handbook on Early Childhood Education’ (Eds. M. Fleer & B. van Oers). The authors share an ambition of engaging in theoretical and methodological developments that contribute to critically (re)thinking early childhood education. Focusing on the concepts ‘child, families, and communities’ provide the opportunity to bring together researchers that in different ways aim to pave new directions and provide new insights into methodological problems and challenges for research and practice in relation to children’s life and development.
2 nov. 2015
StedAarhus Universitet, DPU
Startdato02. november, 2015
Slutdato02. november, 2015

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