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Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) in the Oil and Gas Industry

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Valg af materiale/medie/formMicrobiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) is a serious corrosion threat that impacts the operating integrity and reliability of assets in the oil and gas, maritime, power generation, and other industries. Yet MIC is also commonly misunderstood, leading to ineffective mitigation programs, wasted resources and deterioration of vital assets. <br/>This video, developed by MIC experts at DNV GL, illustrates mechanisms that can cause MIC and the process by which MIC initiates and propagates over time. Understanding the chemical and microbiological basis for MIC allows DNV GL to help customers design and implement improved mitigation strategies and thereby reduce operating risk. Our experts provide guidance in applying the latest state-of-the-art molecular microbiological methods (MMM) and industry standards to properly diagnose MIC in operating assets and on failed components. With this understanding, MIC can be effectively addressed as part of the overall Corrosion Management System (CMS).<br/>
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