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Lekunze Ransom Nambuanyi


Øvrige arbejdsområder

  • Responsible for Academic Advising (AA) for students

  • Supervising students on their BA and Master’s thesis projects



  • Responsible for the planning, coordination, development and teaching in the following subjects: Consumption and Markets, Food and Nutrition Policy, Global Food Supply Chains, Fair-Trade, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Environmental Policy and Sustainability, Food Security, Research Methods.

  • Member of the curriculum development core group mainly responsible for the write-up of the new Global Nutrition and Health curriculum 2016

  • Guest Professor at the training programme on climate change for Francophone Africa organized by the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) and the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) every other year in Norrköping, Sweden.

  • Visiting professor at Makerere University in Uganda. Delivered public lecture on the theme: “Climate change and its impact on agriculture in Africa” for an audience of about 500 participants at the main Conference hall of Makerere University on 21 March 2016.

  • Also visiting professor at the following universities: University of KwaZulu – Natal in South Africa; VIA university college in Aarhus Denmark

  • Responsible for the planning, procedures and follow-up of students on internships globally.


Research and Development:

  • Lead and Supervise a team of five staff in the efficient design, planning, monitoring, evaluation, implementation, reporting and fundraising for research on the project: “Promoting Food Security and Livelihoods of Low-Income Women in Central Uganda"

  • Promoting nutrition-sensitive agriculture practices that have positive outcomes for especially vulnerable women.

  • Facilitating access to agricultural extension services, markets, financial services (e.g. financial literacy, generating savings, and access to credit and use of digital payment systems),

  • Setting up of stakeholder consultations and engagement plans together with local farmers in order to inspire partnerships, funding and sustainability of the project.

  • Developing locally-based training resources on agriculture, rural livelihood diversification and building technical capacity of field teams and communities.

  • Represent the project externally to share the results of our work with project beneficiaries, encourage replication and scaling-up.

  • Lead and coordinate research on project: “Africa Diaspora Support to African Universities programme” between Metropolitan University College Denmark and Makerere University in Uganda, where I am grant recipient from the Carnegie Corporation of New York.



  • Member of the curriculum development group mainly responsible for the write-up of the new Global Nutrition and Health curriculum 2016


I have a strong background in International Development issues with significant teaching and research experience in areas of food security, food markets, food supply chains, food policy, corporate social responsibility and sustainable food systems.  I am member of the Agriculture-Nutrition Community of Practice and my recent interest in research have been: enhancing food security for vulnerable groups through encouraging alternative livelihood practices and building their adaptive capacity to climate change; forging partnerships across different stakeholders to ensure efficiency in food supply chains; supporting agribusiness value chains; forging gender equality and environmental practices. I am service minded, possess a can do attitude and bring high energy and self-motivation to my role. With my background from Africa, I have the ability to communicate effectively with diverse personalities, groups, across organization and geographical borders. I have a structured approach with attention to quality and thrive well in a high paced environment with shifting demands. I seek continues improvement and enjoy working in a multi-cultural environment.


Lekunze Ransom Nambuanyi

Telefon: 51 63 25 42

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