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  1. Revit 2018 - BIM and Concept Design: a case study

    Raun, A. & Christiansen, N. O. 1 sep. 2017 1 udg. Aarhus: BIMbogen. 294 s.

    Skriftlig produktion: FormidlingBog

  2. Towards the use of knotworking for increasing innovation in construction projects

    Klitgaard, A., Beck, F., Andersen, M., Jeppesen, R. D., Nissen, S. B. & Buhl, H. 1 sep. 2017 Proceedings 33nd Annual ARCOM Conference, 4-6 September 2017, Cambridge UK.

    Skriftlig produktion: Forskning - peer reviewProceeding

  3. The temporality of waste – waste practices in school and family in Denmark

    Jordt Jørgensen, N., Madsen, K. D. & Læssøe, J. 23 aug. 2017 ECER Conference 2017.

    Skriftlig produktion: Forskning - peer reviewPaper

  4. Geological and hydrological characterization of subsurface to support climate adaption in urban development.

    Andersen, T. R. 6 jun. 2017 3rd European Climate Challenge Adaptation (ECCA 2017).

    Skriftlig produktion: ForskningPoster

  5. Modelling of Microbiological Influenced Corrosion – Limitations and Perspectives

    Skovhus, T. L., Taylor, C. & Eckert, R. 6 jun. 2017 6th International Symposium on Applied Microbiology and Molecular Biology in Oil Systems (ISMOS-6).

    Skriftlig produktion: ForskningAbstrakt

  6. Decision-making in the Pre-design Stage of Sustainable Building Renovation Projects

    Nielsen, A. N., Steen Larsen, T., Jensen, R. L. & Nissen, S. B. jun. 2017 Proceedings for World Sustainable Built Environment Conference 2017 Hong Kong: Transforming Our Built Environment through Innovation and Integration: Putting Ideas into Action. Hong Kong: World Sustainability Built Environment Conference, s. 1967-1972

    Skriftlig produktion: Forskning - peer reviewProceeding

  7. Assessing the Prevalence of MIC and the Adoption of New Technologies in MIC Detection/Control – Some Preliminary Results

    Bak, N., Lefsrud, L., Wolodko, J. & Skovhus, T. L. 26 mar. 2017 Nace Corrosion 2017.

    Skriftlig produktion: ForskningAbstrakt

  8. Investigation of Amourphous Deposits and Potential Corrosion Mechanisms in Offshore Water Injection Systems

    Eroini, V., Oehler, M. C., Graver, B. K., Mitchell, A., Lønvik, K. & Skovhus, T. L. 26 mar. 2017 NACE Corrosion 2017. NACE International, Vol. NACE-2017-9433, 11 s.

    Skriftlig produktion: ForskningPaper

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