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  1. The Yin and Yang of Colors: How to calculate the exact complementary color to a specific chromatic Brand Color

    Abildgaard, M. 13 sep. 2017 Advances in Print and Media Technology. International Association of Research Organizations for the Information, Media and Graphic Arts Industries, 9 s. (Advances in Print and Media Technology)

    Skriftlig produktion: Forskning - peer reviewProceeding

  2. Disneyflix overtager dit TV

    Sandstad, B. 28 aug. 2017

    Skriftlig produktion: FormidlingOnline artikel

  3. How do they do it?: Multimedia Journalism and Perception of the Practice

    Kartveit, K. 22 aug. 2017 I : Journalism. 18 s.

    Skriftlig produktion: Forskning - peer reviewArtikel

  4. The Coverage of Russia by the Danish Media: On media created images and their consequences

    Kabel, L. 23 apr. 2017 Ajour. 81 s.

    Skriftlig produktion: ForskningRapport

  5. Danske mediers dækning af Rusland: Om menneskeskabte billeder og deres konsekvenser

    Kabel, L. 15 jan. 2017 Ajour. 83 s.

    Skriftlig produktion: ForskningRapport

  6. Applying the EBU R128 Loudness Standard in live streaming sound installations

    Riis, M., Kirkegaard, J. R., Højlund, M. K. & Rothmann, D. 2017 New Interfaces for Musical Expression. s. 420-425 6 s.

    Skriftlig produktion: Forskning - peer reviewPoster

  7. Introduction: Emerging patterns of news production and consumption across media

    Jensen, J. L. & Mortensen, M. jun. 2016 News Across Media: Production, Distribution and Consumption. Jensen, J. L., Mortensen, M. & Ørmen, J. (red.). London: Routledge, s. 1-11 (Routledge Research in Journalism)

    Skriftlig produktion: Forskning - peer reviewBidrag til bog

  8. Media Flow: Flows of content as the core in converged newsrooms

    Kabel, L. apr. 2016 Shaping the future of the news media. Da Rocha, I., Fernandez-Planells, A. & Singla, C. (red.). IATED Publications, s. 73-88 (The International Conference on Integrated Journalism Education, Research and Innovation Proceedings)

    Skriftlig produktion: Forskning - peer reviewProceeding

  9. Kommunikation i multimediedesign

    Busch, A. M., Engelby, D., Andersen, G. M. & Larsen, T. feb. 2015 2 udg. Hans Reitzel. 347 s.

    Skriftlig produktion: FormidlingLærebog

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