Developments in Participatory Design of Health Information Technology – A Review of PDC Publications from 1990–2016

  • Anne Marie Kanstrup
  • Jacob Madsen
  • Christian Nøhr
  • Ann Bygholm
  • Pernille Bertelsen
The landscape of Participatory Design (PD) of Health Information Technology (HIT) is diverse and constantly evolving. This paper reviews the publications in the proceedings from the Participatory Design Conferences (PDCs) that have been held every two years since 1990. We used the Matrix Method to identify, describe and synthesise HIT publications from the proceedings. A total of 47 papers were included in the review and analysed in relation to six themes. The analysis reveals a significant volume of HIT research at PDCs, with a large amount of attention to digitalisation of health information, work procedures, records, secondary healthcare and health professionals. However, the analysis also shows a development from a primary focus on health workers and hospitals to a recent attention on HIT in everyday life and PD with patients, relatives, neighbourhoods and citizens in general. Additionally, the review shows a growing number of PD methods being applied. This paper concludes that research on PD and HIT appears to be maturing and developing with ongoing technological and societal development.
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TitelParticipatory Design & Health Information Technology
RedaktørerAnne Marie Kanstrup, Ann Bygholm, Pernille Bertelsen, Christian Nøhr
Antal sider14
Udgivelses stedAmsterdam
ForlagIOS Press
ISBN (Trykt)978-1-61499-739-9
ISBN (Elektronisk)978-1-61499-740-5
Peer reviewJa


NavnStudies in Health Technology and Informatics
ForlagIOS Press
ISSN (Trykt)0926-9630


  • Department of Communication and Psychology, Aalborg University
  • Department of Development and Planning, Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Department of Development and Planning, Aalborg University
  • AAU, Institut for Kommunikation
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