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Literature and interviews on journalism studies: Danish report

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There is alignment, apparently.
Alignment between what the newsrooms want, and what the journalism students can: The journalism schools can deliver interns and graduates who are ready for work, who can use today’s technology, who can handle different platforms.
But there is disruption, too.
Journalism’s business model is dead; new devices and services appear ever faster; other professions take over from journalism. Journalism education is similarly restless – in search of what to teach our students while not knowing where the profession is heading.

This country report investigates parts of that challenge:
What is necessary for the
teaching of skills specific to
online and cross-media journalism in new media

The methods are a review of research, an overview of books and teaching material, and a series of interviews with stakeholders.


ForlagDanmarks Medie- og Journalisthøjskole
Antal sider27


NavnIntegrated Journalism in Europe


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