Multimodality and health education – integrating digital learning materials in primary school. - A case study of teacher, student and researcher collaboration.

The primary aim of this qualitative case study was to investigate how students in a primary school project developed knowledge, skills and ownership while they engaged in creation of multimodal and digital learning materials in the form of “games”. Furthermore, the secondary aim was to investigate how the group of teachers, who scaffold students’ work, developed their own didactical and digital roles and competences working as a professional learning community. The project was conducted in a public school with strong competences on how to apply and integrate ICT, especially in health education. Filstedvejens School had a mixed demographic profile and was situated in Aalborg municipality in Denmark. The project was funded by the Danish Ministry of Education from 2018-2019. Results indicated that students developed knowledge, skills and ownership, which contributed to the attainment of learning goals. This result was regarded as a possible outcome of teachers' participation and collaboration in the project. Furthermore, results indicated that participation in workshops led to mutual inspiration and self-efficacy among teachers with regard to own role in the development of multimodal teaching materials. Also, teachers became more aware of the benefits and challenges from collaborative and project-oriented development of educational materials in school. A limitation of the study was the short time for observations and the fact that only one school was involved. However, more schools are expected to use the developed digital educational materials that will be available via a link to the Danish Ministry of Education.
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Udgave nummerProceedings after conference
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BegivenhedIARTEM: 15th IARTEM Conference Odense, Denmark - UCL, Odense , Danmark
Varighed: 11 sep. 201913 sep. 2019

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Proceedings fra IARTEM International Conference September 2019, UCL, Odense, DK.