Potentials and pitfalls of the encounter between leisure-time centers and primary schools

Our research offers a qualitative, in depth-perspective on the encounter between leisure-time centers and primary schools in Denmark. In our presentration we will, in a cross-cultural perspective, reappraise the roles of leisure-time pedagogues and discuss the potentials and pitfalls of the encounter between leisure-time centers and primary schools. In 2014, the Danish Primary School was reformed. To a considerable extent, the reform can be understood in response to receding results in international tests (Knudsen 2010). The official aim of the reform is to challenge all pupils, regardless of social background, and key answers to this are more varied school days and learning environments. The reform means prolonged schooldays and a series of new curriculum initiatives. Directly related to leisure-time centers it has led to reduced working hours in leisure-time centers, and increased working hours in school (Gravesen & Ringskou 2016). Seemingly, the reform can be understood as an attempt to integrate, to a greater extend, leisure-time pedagogy in formal school activities. An integration that can create a more coherent institutional life for the children across school and leisure-time. Furthermore, with the integration of leisure-time pedagogy emphasizing creativity, free time and more activities strongly initiated by the children’s interests into the school sphere, policy makers and school organizers strive to fulfill the ambition of varied learning. However, the question is to what extend has the aims and intentions of the reform affected the practice across school and leisure-time centers so far? Has leisure-time pedagogy become a more integrated part of school? Our research question is: What is the professional identity of leisure-time pedagogues and how can we reappraise the encounter between leisure-time centers and primary schools?
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TitelWERA-IRN konference: Extended education from an international comparative perspective
Antal sider3
Publikationsdato30 nov. 2017
Peer reviewJa
BegivenhedWERA-IRN: Extended Education from an International Comparative Point of View - University of Bamberg, Bamberg, Tyskland
Varighed: 30 nov. 20172 dec. 2017
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