Public Access or Secrecy - comparison between the Rules in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland as well as International Rules

The word openness is freely used in public discourse. Public bodies and
politicians are referred to as open if they are willing to enter into
dialogue with the outside world. Politicians demonstrate openness when
they make themselves available for interviews, attend public meetings
and take part in discussions.
Many organisations, including public authorities, are comfortable
with informing as long as they are able to control which information
is given and how it is presented. This control is exercised broadly and
extensively, often with the help of professional communications advisers.
Openness is, thus, provided on the authorities’ terms.
The word transparency is also used, often with varying meanings. The
word can have a broad meaning, in line with openness, or it can indicate
a more specific requirement for authorities. Transparency can also refer to
clear and easily understood information.
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TitelThe legacy of Peter Forsskål : 250 years of freedom of expression
RedaktørerUlla Carlsson, David Goldberg
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