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Return of the talking heads: Entering the third wave of television news dramaturgy

Skriftlig produktion: Forskning - peer reviewArtikel

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The present article suggests that the brief history of Western television news dramaturgy can be expounded as three major waves: from the early days of the talking heads in the studio, over the narrativization of the field report to a (re-)current studio- and field-based talking heads format. In order to analyze the latest development entering the third wave, we propose a theoretically based dramaturgical model for the television news item. The analysis concludes that, with the current ‘return’ of the talking heads format, the pre-produced and pre-packaged bulletin program about past events is dissolving and transforming into an evaluative present- and future-oriented update format that resembles the 24-hour newsonly channels. Production time merges with broadcast time so that the uncertainty of live spreads to the dramaturgy.


TidsskriftN O R D I C O M Review
Sider (fra-til)43-56
Antal sider14
ISSN (Trykt)1403-1108

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