The Developing of Meaningful Activity in Artificial Environment - Udvikling af meningsfuld aktivitet i kunstige omgivelser

  • Jonas Holsbæk
Abstract: The Developing of Meaningful Activity in Artificial Environment
Subtheme: Innovations and Challenges in Occupational Therapy
Live stage: Elderly
Area of Practice: Technology and Medical Science
Keywords: Innovations and challenges, Occupational balance
Introduction: Due to Demographic changes in the EU and the rest of the world, the ageing population is in growth as well as incidence of chronically Illnesses as dementia. Health systems around the world are looking for solutions, which can save manpower and provide quality. One of the trusted solutions for this challenge is Ambient Assisted Living (ALL). ALL is often focused on the institutional and societal needs (saving man power eg.) as primary objectives, and the user needs as secondary. Physical activity as well as meaningful activity and experience of Flow, has a positive influence on health for all humans. The experience of Flow can be hard to achieve or maintain for people with Dementia due to their loss of skills over time.
Objectives: The purpose of this project was to develop a platform that supports People with Dementia in performing physical activity, meaningfulness and the experience of Flow.
Method: Innovative methods such as: Workshops, Observations, Focus Groups and Interviews of; spouses, formal careers, Occupational Therapists students, Technical engineer students and people with Dementia. The data was put together with specialized qualification and the innovative method Living lab/user panel developing.
Results/Discussion: Data from the observation suggested that the moch up could support the participants with Dementia in experiencing flow, and that the physical activity was experienced as meaningful for the participants.
Conclusion: An artificial environment can support the experience of Flow and meaningfulness in activities, by adding experiences in relation to the participants with dementia lived life.
Contribution to the practice/evidence base of occupational therapy: This project contributes to the the practice as an eye opener for the possibilities of meaningfulness, experience of Flow and thereby supporting occupational balance in artificial environment, for people with dementia.
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Begivenhed16th International Congress of the World Federation of Occupational Therapists: In collaboration with 48th Japanese Occupational Therapy Congress and Expo - Yokohama, Japan, Yokohama, Japan
Varighed: 18 jun. 201421 jun. 2014
Konferencens nummer: 16th International Congress of the World Federation of Occupational Therapists


Konference16th International Congress of the World Federation of Occupational Therapists
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