The Homo Sacer of open-source journalism

In this article I discuss the democratic implications of a journalistic turn towards some of the ideals hosted in the open-source movements. I argue that such a turn would be, from the egalitarian and democratic points of view, of real benefit, since it seems to facilitate a dissolution of several dichotomies. It is, however, also important to notice that in this gesture of overturning ossified norms, new kinds of blind spots in the public awareness are created. Think, for instance, of the exclusion that is encountered by those who are (computer) illiterate or averse to the intrusive atmosphere of the Internet. In addition, think of the perpetually Other – the marginalized subjectivities of those who have no voice, luck or fairness in society anyway. The Internet sphere could turn out to add another dimension to their exclusion or be used as a tool for harassing them in various ways.
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