The pedagogical content knowledge of Danish geography teachers in a changing schooling context

Abstract: In the last ten years Danish primary and lower secondary schooling has undergone several significant changes, including the introduction of a final multiple choice exam in geography in 2007 and a fundamental reconstruction of the curriculum in 2014. These changes are expected to influence geography teachers Topic Specific Professional Knowledge (TSPK) in ways that potentially have impact on their classroom practice. This study examines how Danish geography teachers responded to a questionnaire concerning aspects of their TSPK about the topic of weather formation and climate change, which would be considered representative of geography teaching in Denmark. Teachers´ responses to specific questions related to their choice of content and organisation of lessons were compared to answers from a similar questionnaire carried out in 1998. The results show that geography teachers have changed their views about the way they choose content and organise lessons. The documented changes in teachers’ choices indicate some tension between the changing external demands and the subjects’ `bildung´ perspective concerning students being able to develop their own opinions when dealing with Socio Scientific Issues.
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