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The project “understAID” – a platform that helps informal caregivers to understand and aid their demented relatives

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“UnderstAID” is a platform that helps informal caregivers to understand and aid their demented relatives. It is an
international project initiated by Denmark, Poland and Spain.
The aim of the project is to design, and implement the multimedia platform “understAID” to support informal
caregivers of dementia patients. The project was launched in April 2013 and is expected to end 36 months later.
The project is divided into fi ve tasks concerning the fi nal aim. The aim of task 1 is the management of the project,
as well as the exploitation and dissemination of gathered information. Task 2 is meant to defi ne the contents
and solutions of the CarePlatform based on the knowledge gained from real-case studies. Demented elderlies
from each country (n = 40) suffering from different degrees of dementia were evaluated by formal caregivers
and dementia professionals. The aim of task 3 is the development of the social learning interface. Task 4 focuses
on the CarePlatform development and system integration. Finally, task 5 assumes testing and validation of the
platform. The platform is devised to be available in two versions, namely the light one for mobile appliance and
the premium version. Also different activities leading to the popularization of the platform are planned.


TidsskriftJournal of Medical Science
Sider (fra-til)182
Antal sider7


  • pårørende - informal caregiver, dementia, aid your relative

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