Unblinding privilege: Repoliticizing the idea(L)S of an equal society

  • Sara Louise Muhr
  • Mie Plotnikof
Less than six months after #metoo saturated the space of Hollywood and SoMe – as well as many other spheres of news media, policy, workplaces and private homes across the globe, we are already witnessing politicians, managers and other people of power claiming that #metoo has “done its part”, that “we have gotten the point”, and that “we’re over it”. We will, in this note, challenge the “innocence” of such acts, and we will argue that they become guilty of reproducing gender issues – by blinding and silencing their current relevance. Thus, we stress the importance of continued public resistance by, e.g., SoMe campaigns such as #metoo and #timesup. Because we are certainly “not there”! Various EU reports have for years shown the vast numbers of women exposed to harassment (EU, 2014, 2017). However, it was not until #metoo emerged that the existence of such continuous systematic harassment and violation of women was publicly acknowledged. Hence, the processes of changing practices and
policies has only just begun.
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Udgave nummer3
Sider (fra-til)1107-1109
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  • Copenhagen Business School
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