Latest publications

  1. Forskningens maskinrum: Typiske tværfaglige udfordringer

    Skov, H. (ed.) 2 Dec 2017 1 ed. København: U Press. 200 p.

    Written production: Research - peer-reviewBook

  2. Den implicitte lærer

    Koudahl, P. & Hjort-Madsen, P. Nov 2017 In : Dansk Paedagogisk Tidsskrift. 4, p. 52-63 11 p.

    Written production: Research - peer-reviewArticle

  3. Den professionelle og moderne didaktik(er).

    Kiær, K. & Qvortrup, A. 1 Oct 2017 Dafolo. 200 p.

    Written production: TransferBook

  4. Decision-making in the Pre-design Stage of Sustainable Building Renovation Projects

    Nielsen, A. N. Jun 2017 World Sustainable Built Environment Conference 2017 : Transforming Our Built Environment through Innovation and Integration: Putting Ideas into Action.

    Written production: Research - peer-reviewPaper

  5. Fysik/kemididaktik: læring og undervisning

    Sillasen, M. K. (ed.), norrild, P. (ed.), Hviid, J., Jørgensen, L. H., Jørgensen, E., Binau, C. & Houkjær, H. May 2017 Hans Reitzel. 308 p. (Lærerbiblioteket)

    Written production: TransferBook

  6. Living lab i uddannelsesforskning

    Skov, H. 27 Mar 2017 Forskningens maskinrum: typiske tværfaglige udfordringer. 1 ed. København: U Press, Vol. 1, 17 p.

    Written production: Research - peer-reviewContribution to book

  7. Children’s perspectives on happiness and subjective wellbeing in preschool

    Koch, A. B. 22 Mar 2017 In : Children & Society. 20 p.

    Written production: Research - peer-reviewArticle

  8. Innovation som refleksivt læringsfællesskab

    Bojsen, A. K. M. & Frisdahl, K. 20 Mar 2017 In : Gymnasieskolen. p. 42-45 4 p.

    Written production: TransferFeature

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