Centre of Applied Research and Development in Building, Energy & Environment

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VIA Building, Energy and Environment

Research and development in building, energy and the environment at VIA University College is located at Center for Applied Research and Development in Building, Energy and Environment.

The center has the following R&D units:

  • Programme for Applied Research and Development in Smart & Sustainable Building
  • Programme for Applied Research and Development in Soil, Water and Energy
  • Research Group in Energy & Environment
  • Sino-Danish New Energy and Environment Research and Development Application Center, Chengdu, China

Building, energy and the environment are major research and development areas in Denmark. This results in a large spread of projects, products and approaches within the three areas, for example projects on

- energy storage and energy cooling
- energy efficiency
- energy building renovation
- circular economy
- recycling of construction materials
- renewable energy resources
- energy storage
- ground water supply and ground water protection
- waste water supply
- drinking water production
- embedded engineering
- Internet of Things
- resilience
- climate change adaptation.

Our ambition is to produce new knowledge within specific fields. Knowledge, which has a value in itself and, at the same time can be used in the development of our three focus areas: We achieve this by engaging in new and groundbreaking research, projects on improvements of existing and well-known technology, or by using well-known technology in new ways.

Energy and the environment is very much about management of resources or development of new resources as a supplement or replacement of scarce resources, for example renewable energy resources, or another way to handle resources, for example when water is purified and used for specific purposes and by the use of embedded engineering and IoT.

The knowledge we develop, must be applied into development and innovation within the professional businesses and education. Therefore, we cooperate with the businesses, public authorities, non-governmental organizations and other research and development institutions. This close interaction is the common thread in all of our activities.

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