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Der er liv i historie: at tage udgangspunkt i livsverden, når der undervises i historie i folkeskolen

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  • Carlo Grevy (Editor)
  • Jesper Kikkenborg (Editor)
  • Henrik Kasch (Editor)
  • Anette Poder
  • Tine Müller Glibstrup
  • Anja Roj Søndergaard
  • Kristoffer Einshøj Palmqvist
  • Ajla Balicevac
  • Philip David Halckendorff Wassermann
  • Oscar Flindt
  • Pia Lena Sloth Pedersen
  • Adina Mariana Rolfs

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This course book illustrates how to teach history classes in Late Modernity organising history teaching around Grevy's concept of digital literacy and functional and life world-based history teaching in order to make history-teaching meaningful, relevant and applicable as well as conformant with current Danish curricular goals. Contributions from teacher educators and teacher trainees illustrate how to translate theory into exemplary teaching practices.

Publication information

PublisherForlaget Pendulum
Number of pages183
ISBN (Print)978-87-997667-2-7
ISBN (Electronic)978-87-997667-2-7
Original languageDanish

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