The social life of prototypes - making the future of media houses tangible

This article introduces the concept of prototyping in a media innovation project in formed by design anthropology. By showing how the engagement of prototyping as a method has influenced the process of the project, I provide
insights into an innovation process in regional media houses.
The method of prototyping has had a central role, which is why I focus in this article more on the process of innovating than on the product of this project.
Besides exploring how the notion of prototypes is informed by design in antropology in this project, I follow the social life of the prototype, from how it is created to how it comes to life. In doing so I show how the application of
prototyping as a method creates reflexivity on the future for media users and media houses.
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Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal of Media Innovations
Number of pages20
Publication categoryResearch